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How To Become
a Conversion Rate Optimization Expert..
As a Certified Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist, you are uniquely qualified to help brands convert their existing traffic into even more leads and sales.
When You're Done, You’ll Have DigitalMarketer's Proven 8-Step Optimization Process For Turning Existing Traffic Into More Leads And More Sales, And You'll Truly Become A…
Conversion Rate Optimization Expert
(...and you'll know when and HOW to do this for any business)
Unfortunately, most marketers just don't get it!
When it comes to testing & optimizing pages and offers, they either don't test at all...

...ONLY test when they see low conversions...

...or only test what other people tell them they're supposed to test.

That type of "I hope this helps" optimization just won't cut it anymore! Not only is it not improving conversions, it's almost certainly costing you money!

If you actually want to generate real and meaningful increases in your leads and sales, then you need to do more.
About Your Instructor
Justin Rondeau is a top-rated domestic and international speaker who has spent his entire career working on optimization campaigns and has helped train some of the leading optimization teams at Fortune 500 companies. 

Rondeau has run hundreds of tests for both B2B and eCommerce brands and has analyzed 3,000+ tests across virtually every industry.
FACT: Businesses Need Optimization Experts
(…Who Actually Know What They’re Doing)
All businesses need a way to optimize the traffic they're already getting to generate more leads and more sales.

They need a proven and repeatable process to identify exactly where they should focus optimization efforts to truly “move the needle” in their business. 

I’m not going to sell you on the importance of split testing and conversion rate optimization. 

If you're here, you know how important even the slightest increase in conversions can mean to a business. 

In other words, you know that increasing your conversion rate means more leads and more sales, all from the traffic that you're already getting. 

So that’s why businesses need Conversion Rate Optimization Experts. 

There's just one problem: Most so-called “conversion experts“ don't know what they're doing...

That’s where YOU come in.

As a Certified Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist, you are uniquely qualified to help brands convert their existing traffic into even more leads and sales.
More specifically, in this master class, you'll learn:
  • The critical pages that need immediate optimization (and these probably aren't your worst performing pages)
  • ​The key metrics that actually increase the bottom line (get this wrong and you’ll waste your time and money on useless testing)…
  • ​The 3 crucial factors for prioritizing your optimization campaigns (we’ll show you how to rank them) … 
  • ​How to use Case Studies to improve optimization (and which type work the best)…
  • ​Our proven formula for developing a rock solid hypothesis (this will give valuable insights regardless of your campaign’s outcome)…
  • ​The 3 most effective tools for collecting user data (and how to use them, step-by-step)…
  • ​How to qualify split tests (and the one crucial question most optimizers forget to ask when starting)…
  • ​The three outcomes of any split test (and why most marketers ignore one of these outcomes, which is a huge mistake)…
  • ​Know when and how to schedule tests (get this wrong and your data will be skewed)…
  • ​Know how to create a report to show your findings so that the test gets implemented appropriately, so YOU get the credit you so richly deserve (we're giving you the exact same report template we use every day)
  • ​Get a crash course in other valuable optimization methods that “move the needle” (including personalization, low traffic testing techniques, landing page optimization), and more…
In short, Certified Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists (a.k.a. "Conversion Masters") are able to not only deliver more leads and customers… they have a proven and repeatable process to deliver those increased leads and customers with the traffic they're are already getting!

If you're interested in becoming such a "Conversion Master," then I have one question for you...
Are You A "Doer"...or Just a "Talker?"
(or...Why You Might Want To Get Certified)
Let's face it: Marketing experts are a dime a dozen.

So how do you separate those who "walk the talk" from the ones who merely...

That's the problem!

And at DigitalMarketer, it was our problem, too. You see, we don't just teach marketing best practices, we actually DO MARKETING for businesses that we ACTUALLY OWN.

We aren't researchers. We aren't journalists.

We're business owners running companies (both online and offline) in B2B and B2C markets selling everything from cosmetics to camping equipment to industrial water filters and everything in-between.
In other words: WE ACTUALLY DO THIS STUFF...

Conversion Rate Optimization Expert Course Details

Module 1: 
Start Here

Lesson 1: Your Instructor
Lesson 2: Here’s What To Expect
Lesson 3: What Is CRO?
Lesson 4: Term List And Lingo

Module 2: 
Introduction To Optimization

Lesson 1: The Role Of Optimization
Lesson 2: KPI Selection
Lesson 3: Aggregating Data
Lesson 4: Usability Hub Screen Flow
Lesson 5: Hotjar Session
Lesson 6: Form Analysis

Module 3: 
Identifying & Prioritizing Tests

Lesson 1: Page Identification
Lesson 2: Page Prioritization

Module 4: 
Element Selection

Lesson 1: Case Study Warning
Lesson 2: Copy Tests
Lesson 3: Image Tests
Lesson 4: Navigation Tests
Lesson 5: Search Box Tests
Lesson 6: Videos
Lesson 7: Overlays

Module 5: 
Hypothesis Construction

Lesson 1: The Importance Of A Hypothesis
Lesson 2: How To Create A Hypothesis
Lesson 3: Hypothesis Example

Module 6: Test

Lesson 1: Test
Lesson 2: Split Test Basics
Lesson 3: Can I Actually Test?
Lesson 4: Should I Actually Test?
Lesson 5: Principle Of Persuasion
Lesson 6: Campaign Scheduling
Lesson 7: Optimization Calendar
Lesson 8: Test Analysis
Lesson 9: Powerpoint Example Walkthroughs
Lesson 10: Getting A Test Set In VWO

Module 7: 
Optimization Methods

Lesson 1: Offer Audit
Lesson 2: On-Site Retargeting
Lesson 3: Personalization
Lesson 4: How To Segment
Lesson 5: LPO
Lesson 6: How To Test With Low Traffic
What You'll Get:
When you enroll today, you'll receive instant access to:
  • The Optimization & Testing Mastery Course
  • ​7 Core Modules
  • ​40 Video Lessons
  • ​9 Handouts
  • ​7 Quizzes (one for each module)
Plus, upon successful completing of the course and all exams you will also receive:
  • ​ A badge designating you as a Certified Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist that can be hosted on your website, email signature and LinkedIn profile
  • ​A digital, printable certificate suitable for framing
  • ​Status and recognition as a Certified Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist
Course Details:
Tuition: Limited Time Special Just $495 
 (Normally $995) 
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Setting: Online/Virtual
Course Length: 7 Hours
Expected Completion Time: 3 - 7 Days
4330 Gaines Ranch Loop, Suite 120
Austin, TX. 78735
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